Thermo Fans & Switches

The fan switch is an integral component in a vehicle cooling system. A faulty fan switch can cause possible overheating and potential damage to an engine. Fan switches should be inspected at regular service intervals. The switch should be inspected for any visible signs of contaminant and conductivity. Note that the coolant itself, particularly old coolant, incorrect coolant levels or mixture may cause the fan switch to malfunction.

  • Fan Switch temperature ranges and switching types may vary.
  • Some vehicles have more than one fan switch and more than one thermo fan.
  • Please refer to vehicle applications and images for correct fan switch applications.

Fan Clutches

Fan Clutches are designed to reduce the drain of the engines power and to improve the efficiency of the vehicle’s cooling system. It is a critical component, required to ensure the reliability of the engine and avoid overheating and potentially high repair costs.

There are 3 main types of fan clutch;

  • Thermal fan clutches
  • Torque-limiting fan clutches
  • Electronic fan clutches

It’s important to know what to look out for before your fan clutch fails and serious damage may be caused. Some early warning sighs include, the vehicles engine overheating, an overly noisy fan and in the colder months insufficient heat to the engine. If any of these symptoms are occurring it may be time to have your vehicles fan clutch checked.

AAD only stocks items which are engineered to match the performance, fit and appearance of the original equipment clutch that it replaces. All fan clutches are sourced globally only from approved manufacturers to our specifications.

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  • High Quality

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