Modern vehicles use a large range of different sensors all designed to keep the vehicle running as it should. Sensors are found throughout the car and its engine; they are designed to be able to recognise if the vehicle is operating correctly and will let the driver know when something isn’t working correctly. Sensors are useful for monitoring and diagnosing issues and can help increase the efficiency and safety of vehicles. Maintaining and replacing sensors when necessary is important to keeping the vehicle running smoothly. AAD stocks world leading brands including NGK, PAT, ICON & NTK.

AAD stocks a broad range of sensors including.

  • Mass Air Flow Sensors (MAF) – These are key part of fuel injection engine systems. They monitor the amount of air entering the engine. The sensor may need to be replaced if the element becomes contaminated or the element becomes damages.
  • Air Temperature Sensors (ATS) – ATS are a two-wire thermistor, it measures the temperature of the air entering the engine. This is needed for the engine system to calculate the right amount of fuel needed for optimal performance.
  • Camshaft Position Sensor – CPS monitor the rotation of the camshaft in relation to the engine, this helps determine the injection and ignition sequence.
  • Knock Sensor – These are effectively listening devices in a vehicles engine. It detect the vibrations coming from the engine block whether irregular or not. This information then determines if the ignition timing will be altered or not, keeping the vehicles engine firing correctly.
  • Oxygen Sensor – These sensors detect the level of oxygen contained in the exhaust fumes of the engine. This information is relayed to the engine’s ECU (electronic control unit) to decide if the Air-Fuel ration needs to be adjusted.
  • Speed Sensor – These provide vital information needed for adjustment of the powertrain operations. This information is needed to set shift points and adjust engine calibrations along with many other processes.

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