Specialty Lubricants


AAD currently stock the following quality Abro Lubricants:

  • AB-80R Spray Lube with Teflon 210ml
  • SL-900 Silicone Spray Lubricant
Multi-Purpose Lubricants

Widely known and trusted, these tried and true Permatex lubricants work to protect and lubricate virtually every automotive part and component. One example is Ultra Slick lubricant, colourless, odorless, the purest lubricating grease available.

Specialty Lubricants

From special-mission, job-specific lubricants, protectants and dressings,to the rigors of heavy-duty needs, count on Permatex to bring you reliability and problem-solving solutions that extend the life of your equipment.
Range includes


Gulf Western offer a great range of Gear Lubricants including:

  • Low Vis Gear Lube
  • Gear Lube General
  • Ultra Clear
  • Ultra Drive
  • Low Vis Plus Gear Lube
Silicone Spray

Motortech Silicone Spray is a heavy duty lubricant designed to lubricate, waterproof and protect most surfaces from binding, coroding and squeaking. It is an ideal protectant for plastic, vinyl leather and rubber, window and sliding door t racks, doors hinges, rubber gaskets, metals, vinyl, fiberglass, locks, fishing equipment and boat fittings.

It is suitable for marine, automotive and household applications.

Lithium GreaseLubricants

Motortech Lithium Grease is an all purpose lubricant designed to lubricate and protect surfaces from abrading or scratching one another and helps prevent squeaking. It is ideal for wheel bearings operating under all service conditions, C V j oints, chassis lubrication, metal hinges, door catches, striker plates, cables and springs, outboard motors, chains, winches, jacks, garden tools etc.

It is suitable for automotive (cars, trucks, tractors, trailers), marine, agriculture, and household use.

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