Belt Tensioners

Gates DriveAlign automatic belt tensioners are application-specific and OEM equivalent or better in both performance and fit. Gates cover the biggest range of aftermarket automatic tensioners for the Australian market. This means more sales opportunities, reduced warranties and fewer costly comebacks.

belt tensionersGates builds only round torsional spring automatic belt tensioners. These provide constant belt tension through rotation rather than creating tension through coiling. Round torsional spring tensioners are the OEM choice because they are stronger than the flat spring types. For this reason, Gates tensioners are made to OE specifications, with the OEM form, fit and long-lasting performance.

Unlike so-called “universal” tensioners, Gates tensioners require no retrofitting to make them work, they bolt on just like the one you took off. Choosing the right tensioner is easier when you’re choosing Gates.

Tensioners, like any other part, don’t last forever. To reduce belt warranty problems, comebacks and labour claims, Gates recommend that the belt and the tensioner are replaced at the same time. It is highly probable that the source of belt system damage (excessive belt wear, tension loss, vibration, misalignment, etc.) is the result of a worn tensioner.

A vast majority of vehicles with serpentine belts often use automatic belt tensioners. Tensioners are built into the drive system for several reasons. They are designed to maintain correct tension for the life of the belt. As well as reduce maintenance by eliminating the need to manually retention belts on a periodic basis. and provide consistent and correct belt tension. A belt that slips maybe noisy can have reduced service life and can cause accessories to function improperly.

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