Keylok Brake Technology

Keylok is a simple but innovative system that enables a brake lining (without rivet holes) to be attached to a normal conventional riveted type brake shoe.

It eliminates conventional rivet holes from drum brake linings.

Due to the unique design characteristics of Keylok, the total number and type of fasteners is reduced and rivet holes in brake linings are eliminated.

By eliminating rivet holes from the operating surface of the brake lining the benefits are considerable. These benefits include:

  • Greater brake surface area.
  • Increased wearable brake lining volume.
  • Rivet holes trap abrasive dirt and grit. As a result mean the brake linings run cooler, last longer and wear less compared with conventional riveted attachment. Drum ridging, which is caused by dirt trapped in the rivet holes is eliminated and brake drums can usually be reused without the need for machining.

For vehicle operators this means:keylok

  • Stronger relines
  • Faster relines
  • Easier relines
  • Safer relines
  • Fewer relines
  • Better drum life
  • Lower overall brake costs

Keylok uses only quality Fras-Le AF/557 linings, which are suitable for trucks, trailers, and buses.

  • OEM quality product.
  • Noise-free, safe, and reliable.
  • Asbestos-free material that contains advanced fibers, providing: stable braking power, durability, and an excellent drum compatibility.
  • High Structural strength that avoids cracks and disintegration.
  • Meets the FMVSS 121 (USA) requirements for axles of 23,000lbs (10.4 tons) GAWR with an AL factor of 165 (type 30 air chamber and 5.5” slack adjuster).
    ECE-R90 certified for motorized vehicles.
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