Fan clutches

Protex Fan Clutches

Fan clutches reduce the drain of engine power and improve the efficiency of a vehicle’s cooling system. Fan clutches are fluid coupling devices which provide air flow through the radiator by using the water pump shaft to power a fan blade. Fan clutch should be checked for possible replacement when a new water pump is installed or when any of the following problems exist:

  • Engine Overheating
  • Silicon leaking from fan clutch unit
  • Fan spins with little or no resistance (free wheels)
  • Greasy build up at thermal spring or where shaft exits rear housing
  • Fan clutch vibrates on shaft or will not turn
  • Squealing noises from bearing
Sakura Filters

Sakura Filters

AAD are now stocking the Sakura filters. Including oil, air, fuel and cabin filters for most vehicles on Australian roads today.

With over 20 years’ experience in the Australian market, the brand is now well known and trusted for their high quality filters. All Sakura filters are guaranteed free from defect and are made in an ISO/TS approved factory.

Sakura is a world-class quality filter specialist with a huge range. Offering one of the biggest ranges in the Australian filter market with more than 1400 part numbers now available.

AAD is giving our customers a real choice in filtration. Sakura offers a competitive price advantage, with no compromise on quality backed by its guarantee of all filters being defect free. This gives a definite reason for our customers to introduce these filters into their businesses.

Contact your local AAD warehouse for any further information.

King Springs

King Springs

AAD are pleased to announce the addition of King Springs to their list of quality aftermarket products, available through our national warehouse and distribution network. All popular vehicles including 4WD are covered by the extensive range.

King Springs are respected for their quality and performance. When it comes to spring design and durability King Springs knows neither compromise nor second best. They have achieved this top position from working on the streets, at the race tracks and over the toughest outback terrain there is.

Locally designed, developed and made, the company uses high quality, high stress X5K spring steel. This X5K steel reduces the amount of steel required per spring and makes each spring approximately 30% lighter. This is matched by the hi-tech manufacturing process which ensures correct load as well as accurate diameter and height.

Gates Drive Belt Tensioners

Gates Drive Belt Tensioners

AAD have announced they are now stocking Gates Drive Belt Tensioners. Available through their national warehouse and distribution network, all numbers for popular vehicles are being stocked and the complete range is available to order.

Called DriveAlign, Gates Drive Belt Tensioners boast the biggest range in the aftermarket and have an excellent reputation for accuracy of fit and durability. They meet Original Equipment (OE) specifications.

The proven design of spring, bushing and dust cover reduces the risk of tensioner contamination to extend durability and life.

Gates is a globally respected brand that customers can identify and have complete confidence in. Regular replacement of these parts is vital and most technicians now advise investigating the drive belt tensioner to be renewed at the same time of the drive belt as it may be the root cause of the problem.

Resellers can trust the Gates brand to boost sales and keep customers asking for only the Gates brand. Gates Drive Belt tensioners offer convenient and east fitment. Contact your local AAD today for further information.