Engine Pulleys

With the increasing use of serpentine drive belts on late model engines, more idler and tensioner pulleys are being sold than ever before. Many of these pulleys are manufactured from moulded plastic to reduce cost. However, plastic offers limited durability when exposed to abrasive dirt, heat, or when excessive belt tensions is applied.

All engine pulleys incorporate ball bearings that run at very high revs relative to engine speed. Increasing belt load and exposure to dirt or moisture accelerates bearing wear. Nuline engine pulley designs replace moulded plastic with SG Iron (the same material used in harmonic balancers) or pressed steel offering far greater strength and resistance to wear when exposed to dirt. Special attention in manufacture is given to belt face contours and dimensions to ensure drive belt compatibility.

engine pulleyAll ball bearings used are from OEM manufacturers and feature C3 rated high speed races,high temperature lubricant and heavy duty silicone seals for maximum service life at high RPM’s. The combination of these engineering features at a very economical price has made Nuline the number one choice for Australian vehicle repairers.

All popular domestic and US based 6 cylinder and V8 applications are covered by this range. Many popular imports and SUV applications that are particularly prone to pulley failure are also included.

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