Drive & Fan Belts

Bosch has one of the largest ranges of automotive fan belts & drive belts available. The range covers Australian, Asian and European applications. Pre stretched polyester tension cords, fibre reinforced belt back and stranded glass fibretension cords ensure low maintenance and lateral stiffness, resulting on protection against engine damage

Bosch Raw-Edge Cogged Fan Belt (V-Belt)

  • Replaces all belt types: wrapped belts, raw-edge plain fan belts as well as cogged fan belts
  • Internal cogged construction minimises bending energy loss and ensures maximum torque transmission
  • Longer service life – Up to three times that of wrapped belts
  • Made to original equipment specificationsfan belts
  • Runs more quietly
  • 40,000 km / 24 Month Warranty
  • High tensile cord construction gives longer service life
  • Highest level of protection from engine damage

Bosch Multi-Ribbed Drive Belt

  • Made to original equipment specification
  • Long life design
  • Heat, oil and crack resistant
  • Highly resistant to abrasions, oil, grease, water and UV radiation
  • Engineered for better flexibility and less heat build up resulting in longer life and superior operational efficiency
  • Its high flexibility and efficiency in power transfer makes it ideally suited for serpentine drives
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