Disc Pads

In meeting the transition from Drum to disc brakes, AAD have introduced a range of commercial vehicle disc pads which is continually being developed. Commercial vehicle disc pads are available in Protex and Fras-Le brands. All of AAD’s Commercial vehicle disc brake pads are highly suited to our ever changing market.


AAD’s own brands of Protex commercial vehicle disc pads are suited to general use. A premium grade of friction material rated at a FF friction rating. Protex Commercial vehicle disc pads are available in a wide range of applications. Protex are economically priced for the budget conscious.

Fras-Le HD Pro

• Premium OE quality material
• ECE R90 certified material
• The best friction solution for stop and go applications, BRT, mining and garbage trucks
• Excellent braking efficiency
• Quiet, safe, and reliable
• Advanced mechanical retention system
• Exceptional durability, stable performance & long life formulation under various temperature conditions
• Developed & designed for heavy duty, commercial vehicles, coaches & transit applications
• Low aggressiveness to the brake disc
• Suitable for trucks, trailers, and buses
• Large V-groove prevents bridging of wear debris under heavy duty conditions
• High structural integrity and mechanical resistance
• Friction coating to improve initial performance
• Asbestos-free


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