Water Pumps

Water Pumps


Being a vital component of a vehicle’s cooling system, our range of globally sourced water pumps are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. The range of Protex Water Pumps now exceeds 600 part numbers and offers extensive vehicle coverage. Featuring a precision machined housing, high density casting and superior bearings, all come packaged with a gasket. All Protex Water Pumps are covered by a 2 year /40,000 km warranty whichever occurs first.



Protex Blue water pumps are designed for maximum flow and coolant distribution. Each pump is made to high standards with quality bearings, seals, and brand new precision machined housings. They are a low cost durable stock replacement  backed by a 2 year /40,000 km warranty for peace of mind.



Protex Gold Water Pumps are precision-built and balanced and meet or exceed original equipment specifications. Built with heavy-duty steel bearings and are sealed and lubricated for life. All Protex Gold pumps are factory-tested for quality.

  • High Flow Design provides long lasting, efficient cooling
  • Designed for OE fit & performance
  • Factory lubricated for longlife
  • Precision ground shaft and hub
  • OE quality forged housing is specially formed to ensure maximum coolant flowWater Pumps
  • Precision Built and Balanced -Pressed On Impeller Increases Water Flow
  • Unique No-Sealant Required Gasket Makes Installation Fast, Easy and Leak-Free
  • Unitized Seal Protects Bearings – Provides Long Life, Leak-Free Performance
  • Factory Sealed Precision Ground One Piece Bearing Assembly



GMB has decades of manufacturing and engineering experience within the Water Pump category, serving OE car makers including Hyundai, Kia, GM, and Chrysler. All Pumps are manufactured in GMB’s factories in Japan, Korea, Thailand, and China utilizing strict OEM specifications. Genuine GMB bearings ensure product quality and safety. With a complete  program, GMB offers extensive coverage fulfilling the needs of every customer.

  • 100% factory tested for leakage and dimensional precisionWater Pumps
  • Bearing noise and durability tested
  • Designed to match OE coolant flow rate and pressure
  • All required hardware included for installation

Thermostat Housings

Kilkenny Castings began manufacturing thermostat housings in 1972 with an initial product of just four different model housings. Over the ensuing period, the range has grown considerably and they are now the largest thermostat housing manufacturer in the world. Kilkenny Castings is a quality assured company and have received quality assurance accreditation to AS/NZ ISO 9002:2000

  • Water Outlets
  • Water Pump Backing Plates
  • Thermostat Housings

This product range has also been extended over the years to include Water Pump Backing Plates, Timing Covers, Rocker Covers, Inlet Manifolds, Brass Adaptors, Pulleys, Oil Cooler Housings and more.

Transmission Oil Coolers

Transmission & Power Steering Coolers


Transmission Oil Coolers can reduce the automatic transmission fluid temperature by as much as 33˚C. A reduction of just 11˚C can double the life of an automatic transmission, the fluid and all internal parts. All oil coolers are 100% pressure tested to ensure reliability and durability. Both Ultra-Cool& Hydra-Cool come complete with the necessary accessories and instructions for quick and easy installation.


Installation of a Power Steering Oil Cooler will prolong the life of the systems pump, hoses and seals. This cooler will remove destructive heat generated within a power steering system, especially in performance vehicles, off-road vehicles and vehicles used for towing or carrying heavy loads.


Thermostats & Gaskets

Tridon offers the most extensive range of high quality thermostats and gaskets for your cooling system.

  • In excess of 300 part numbers
  • Extensive range including heavy duty applications
  • Factory calibrated and tested

Performance high flow thermostats improve cooling system performance and are designed to interchange with the original thermostat. They are manufactured with a larger primary valve enabling up to 30% more coolant flow.

A High flow thermostat provide:

  • Increased cooling system efficiency
  • Even temperature control
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Reduced engine wear

They are ideal for high performance applications or where additional load is placed on the engine (e.g.towing). Thermostat gaskets are available to suit a comprehensive range of vehicle applications in both paper or rubber ‘O’ rings.

Thermo fans

Thermo Fans & Switches

Davies Craig have the single largest range of Thermo fans available in the market today and have dedicated many years of product development and testing to ensure durability and quality. Davies Craig commenced manufacturing Electric Thermatic Fans in 1971. At that time, belt driven fans were the only option for automotive cooling.

Since the early 1990s, Thermatic Fans have been introduced as original equipment and most cars are now fitted with an electric cooling fan. Davies Craig Thermatic Fans & Fan Clutches are made to OE specifications.

The Fuelmiser Thermo fan switch complete range has over 70 part numbers for over 2000 applications.
Quality switches prevent overheating and potential damage to the engine ensuring smooth operation of the electric radiator cooling fan. The fan switch is a mechanical switching device, designed to respond to changes in coolant temperature allowing the operation of the electric radiator cooling fan.

The fan switch is an integral component in a vehicle cooling system. A faulty fan switch can cause possible overheating and potential damage to an engine. Fan switches should be inspected at regular service intervals. The switch should be inspected for any visible signs of contaminant and conductivity. Note that the coolant itself, particularly old coolant, incorrect coolant levels or mixture may cause the fan switch to malfunction.

  • Fan Switch temperature ranges and switching types may vary.
  • Some vehicles have more than one fan switch and more than one thermo fan.
  • Please refer to vehicle applications and images for correct fan switch applications.

Download the Davies Craig Thermatic Fan Brochure here.

Protex Radiators and Condenser


Protex Radiators have a comprehensive and forever growing range available. With proven quality and meeting OE standards. All Protex Radiators come with a 24 month or 50,000 kms warranty whichever occurs first. Protex Radiators are setting the standard.

  • Protex Radiators are sourced from leading manufacturers.
  • Manufactured with aluminium cores and plastic tanks
  • Manufactured with stainless steel cooper coolers
  • Proven quality
  • Made to OE standards
fan belts

Drive & Fan Belts

Bosch has one of the largest ranges of automotive fan belts & drive belts available. The range covers Australian, Asian and European applications. Pre stretched polyester tension cords, fibre reinforced belt back and stranded glass fibretension cords ensure low maintenance and lateral stiffness, resulting on protection against engine damage

Bosch Raw-Edge Cogged Fan Belt (V-Belt)

  • Replaces all belt types: wrapped belts, raw-edge plain fan belts as well as cogged fan belts
  • Internal cogged construction minimises bending energy loss and ensures maximum torque transmission
  • Longer service life – Up to three times that of wrapped belts
  • Made to original equipment specifications
  • Runs more quietly
  • 40,000 km / 24 Month Warranty
  • High tensile cord construction gives longer service life
  • Highest level of protection from engine damage

Bosch Multi-Ribbed Drive Belt

  • Made to original equipment specification
  • Long life design
  • Heat, oil and crack resistant
  • Highly resistant to abrasions, oil, grease, water and UV radiation
  • Engineered for better flexibility and less heat build up resulting in longer life and superior operational efficiency
  • Its high flexibility and efficiency in power transfer makes it ideally suited for serpentine drives



This is a premium quality, organic, long life anti-boil / anti freeze concentrate. Suitable for both automotive and heavy duty diesel engines. This coolant protects all metals found in cooling systems and gives excellent protection against cavitations erosion and significantly increases the operation life of water pumps.

It exceeds corrosion performance levels required to meet Australian standard AS/NZS 2108.1-1997. Containing 86% monoethylene glycol and a double inhibitor package ensuring ultimate corrosion protection and extended life service. It contains no silicates, borates, phosphates, nitrites, nitrates or amines and will not have adverse effects on hoses or gaskets.


Protex Type A coolant is a fully formulated ethylene glycol based anti-boil / anti-freeze coolant concentrate. Suitable for most automotive vehicles it is manufactured to meet or exceed vehicle manufacturer, national and international standards. Offering protection for all metals used in today’s engines and against “hot spot” corrosion, common in aluminium cylinder heads. This coolant delivers excellent cold climate protection and contains no amines or nitrites.


Protex Type B coolant is an extremely effective, water based corrosion and rust inhibitor. It can be used in all automotive engines where anti-boil/anti-freeze is not recommended or required. This will guard against rust, scale and sludge build up and ensure complete protection for all metals found in automotive systems, including alloy. This product exceeds the requirements of AS/NZS 2108.1-1997for coolant Type B. It has no harmful effect on rubber hoses and gaskets.

Radiator caps

Radiator Caps & Clamps


Tridon Radiator caps are manufactured to OE specifications and in quality accredited facilities. The comprehensive range ensures maximum market coverage.

  • Manufactured using the highest quality components in ISO9001 / TS16949 quality accredited facilities
  • Tailored program dedicated to the Australian market
  • Complete range ensures maximum market coverage
  • Metal caps feature all stainless steel for optimum corrosion resistance and performance
  • Direct OE replacement products supported by accurate vehicle applications
  • Available in both recovery and non-recovery styles
  • Both metal and plastic designs for direct OE replacement
  • Tridon Safety Lever Radiator CapsSuitable for performance applications
  • Lever prevents scalding and burns during cap removal

Since 1976 Tridon Australia has been at the forefront of hose clamp technology. With a comprehensive range and proven quality and reliability, Tridon clamps are second to none.

  • Perforated Band Clamps9126
  • Solid Band Clamps
  • T-Bolt Clamps
  • EFI Clamps
  • Double Ear Clamps
  • Rubber Lined Clamps
  • Spring Lock Clamps
  • Uniband Clamps
  • Vinyl coated Clamps

Compact 9 and 18 drawer merchandisers:

  • Conveniently hold a range of Tridon hose clamps in popular sizes
  • Clamp sizes and part numbers easily identified for selection and re-order
  • Drawer style allows for easy access and refill
  • Modular units can be configured to suit individual requirements
  • Available for Perforated, Multi-Purpose, Solid Band and T-Bolt clamps in part stainless or all stainless steel
fan clutches

Fan Clutches

Engineered to match the performance, fit and appearance of the original equipment clutch that it replaces. All fan clutches are sourced globally only from approved manufacturers to our specifications.

  • Great Range Offering
  • High Quality
  • Stamped PTX For Easy Identification