Service Items

For all those components necessary for everyday service jobs AAD now has passenger service items available. All stockists will have these items offered and readily available to customers.

Only the best market leading brands in Australia today are stocked by AAD warehouses.

AC Condensers

AC Condensers

Protex A/C Condensers are the latest addition to the AAD Cooling component range. Through testing and innovation Protex AC Condensers haven proven to be a quality product. This ever expanding range is available at a competitive price.

  • Quality Accredited to meet OE standards
  • Easy fitment
  • All condensers come pressurised
  • Great performance & durability
  • Over 50 Part numbers currently being stocked
  • The range will continue to grow

Protex now has a complete cooling range available.


Cooling Components

In an effort to meet the needs of the automotive aftermarket, AAD are pleased to present the world’s leading brands in cooling components.

Specifically selected, these brands are leaders in their chosen sectors and offer extensive product knowledge backed by expert after-sales service and advice. Our quality range is accompanied by a full manufacturer’s warranty and is backed by AAD - Australian’s largest national wholesaler.

Use the product information as a guide to the broad range of product we have available. For a more comprehensive application listing on any of these products, please contact your AAD branch.

shock absorbers

Shock Absorbers & Struts

AAD offers an extensive range of quality shock absorbers & struts. AAD’s supplies three quality brands, Gabriel, KYB & Monroe.


As a National distributor of the Gabriel range of shock absorbers and struts, AAD’s range is nothing short of impressive.
With Australia’s largest range of Gabriel stocked in all five warehouses you can be sure we have it. AAD has applied its’ philosophy in brake, to the suspension market and adopted a must have approach. If it is required in the country we have it.

Shock absorber innovation just hit another milestone.

Here’s why you didn’t even feel it.

Presenting the new ultra line of shock absorbers and struts featuring G-Force technology from Gabriel. This technology is the coming together of countless man-hours and rigorous testing to create a shock absorber that doesn’t just react, but actually thinks, leaving you with a shock absorber guaranteed to deliver the ultimate in safety, response and long-lasting performance.

Ultra products are precision engineered for the ultimate in safety and performance.

G-Force technology includes:

  • Stable Steer Valving – Provides consistent response from all corners, giving you the most stable, safest ride
  • G-Force Piston – Bonded iron construction for durability and longer life
  • Leak-Proof Piston Seal – Eliminates oil by-pass for maximum shock effectiveness and performance

Features and Benefits

  • Infinitely variable damping for on demand control for all road conditions
  • G-Force technology for quicker response, improved product life and consistent, reliable ride control
  • Stable Steer valving provides improved tire contact with the road for control, safety, and performance
  • 1 3/8” bore piston (in most applications) with bonded iron construction for durability and longer life
  • Leak-proof piston seal and rod guide eliminates oil bypass
  • Orifice control disk with variable nine stage valving provides consistent oil flow
  • OE designed single lip oil seal minimizes friction for optimal sealing
  • Super finished chromed piston rod provides superiorc orrosion resistance and enhanced seal properties
  • Larger, bulged tube (in most applications) aids in cooling

For almost a century KYB has specialised in hydraulics, with technology widely used in the aeronautical, rail and maritime industries. KYB is Japans leading hydraulics company.shock absorbers

From its 15 factories in Asia, Europe and the United States, KYB has an annual production capacity of more than 75 million shock absorbers. KYB has the largest shock absorber factory in the world (in Gifu, Japan), with a capacity of over 50 million pieces. It is highly automated and can change from producing one strut to another in 15 seconds.

KYB is the world’s largest manufacturer of original equipment shock absorbers to leading vehicle manufacturers.


It is Monroe’s passion for developing technology that results in safer driving and that has made Monroe the preferred brand of shock absorbers. By continuing to develop new solutions and improved products, Monroe reinforces their commitment to technology driven safety. In doing so, Monroe believe their products give motorists the confidence and control to travel safely, enjoy their journey and just drive.
shock absorbers
Monroe Shocker Absorbers stocked at AAD include the
GT Gas with reflex technology range.

Steering & Suspension

AAD offers a broad range of steering & suspension products.

All ranges are competitively priced and offer comprehensive ranges.

AAD has around 16,000 Steering & Suspension part numbers on file.

The Steering & Suspension of a passenger vehicle is crucial to the cars efficient running. For smooth & comfortable driving AAD has the right products to achieve this.

Whatever the vehicle, from 4WD's to the everyday family vehicle we have the answer for all your suspension requirements.

Clutch Kits

Clutch Kits

AAD’s range of clutch kits now sees it at over 4200 part numbers and covers most vehicles in the Australian market today.

All Protex clutch kits are complete with cover assembly, clutch disc and release bearings, and there are a wide range of kits available with SMF (single mass flywheel) and DMF (dual mass flywheel) available too.

The line-up is the result of over ten years’ development. AAD has invested in building the impressive range which has a great track record in value, quality and durability of the product.

Protex is an excellent performer in the clutch industry. We are always striving to meet customer needs.

The Protex clutch range is OE standard, and is sourced from one of the world’s largest OE clutch manufacturers.

Our large clutch range is backed by our impressive on-line catalogue which is quick, accurate and has the most current and up to date information available.

trailer & caravan

Trailer & Caravan Products

AAD stock a quality range of trailer & caravan aftermarket products.

Trailers and caravans can take many forms and shapes. Single axle 6x4, horse float, boat trailer, tandem car trailer or a family caravan. If the trailer exceeds 750 kilos then it needs brakes (subject to state laws). 

Trailer braking systems are relatively simple. They consist of a method of actuation and the brakes themselves. These can be vacuum, hydraulic, mechanical or electric. The type of brake used is usually dependent on the application. 

Have you ever wondered why you often see a trailer on the side of the road missing a wheel? The other main area requiring maintenance on a trailer is the wheel bearings. Poorly serviced wheel bearings can result in a major disruption to your intended use of the trailer.